Services We Offer

Our services are based on our proprietary Integrated Information Improvement Model.  We work with each client to select the components of this model that will best meet their needs. Based on the principle is teaching someone to fish is better than giving him a fish, we focus on improving the English writing capabilities of our clients' iinformation development personnel.

To know how to get to where it wants to be, a company needs to know where it currently is. So the first step is usually an assessment of the current organization, system, processes, and materials they have produced.

Based on the results of the assessment, we develop an information strategy and an implementation plan.

Successful implementation of the strategy requires high level executive support.  The executive briefings help ensure a common understanding of the importance of effective English to the company's success and full support of the upper management teams.

The actual implementation can include a number of different tasks:

  • Creation of a set of style guides and terminology management
  • Functionally specialized English training tailored to different types of materials such as marketing brochures, web pages, etc.
  • On-line editing service where a client's writers can submit materials on-line for editing by our network of professional editors
  • On-demand writing and editing where professionals from C5 can supplement a company's own writing staff during periods of heavy workload
  • On-line support and forum to answer questions from the client's staff and discuss business English writing related issues

After the implementation, we conduct periodic reviews of the customer's process and their written materials to ensure that the results can be sustained over time.

Customers benefit from our services that are focused on improving revenue-generating materials by having :

Improved documentation - their documentation will clearly speak for the excellence of their products and services.

Improved brand image - their customers and potential customers will not be frustrated by confusing documentation, or distracted by unclear or unintentionally humorous messages.

Higher productivity from writers and translators - their writers will be better able to meet tight deadlines for new products and services, and their translators will have better source materials for translation.

Higher employee morale - pride in writing well and quickly is a powerful motivator.

Higher retention of valued employees - providing innovative staff development will enhance loyalty, thereby reducing the cost of replacing employees who leave.

We bring together a combination of expertise and experience to help our customers achieve consistently excellent written business English. To find out more about us and our experience, please click here.